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Place of Enlightenment - Temples 41 - 53

 Temple  Meaning of
Temple Name
 Deity  Type of Deity Sponsor
41. Ryukoji  Dragon's Light  Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu  Guides people to be saved. 11 faces. Many pray for prosperity in their business here  Sponsor - Jane San Juan
 42. Butsumokuji  Buddha's Tree  Dainichi Nyorai  Great Buddha of universal illumination. Many come here to pray in memory of pets they have lost  Sponsor- Michele Madau
 43. Meisekiji  Stone of Light  Senju Kannon Bosatsu  Goddess of mercy and compassion. 1000 arms, can reach out to help you anywhere with anything Sponsor - Tristan Lee
 44. Daihoji  Big Jewel  Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu  11 headed deity of compassion  Sponsor - Maria Perkins
 45. Iwayaji  Cave, Cavern  Fudo Myoo  His vow is to do battle with evil with a powerful mind of compassion and to work for the protection of true happiness   Sponsor - Mari Okazaki
 46. Joruriji  Ballad, drama (theatre)  Yakushi Nyorai Healing and Medicine Buddha.
There is a 1000 yr old tree, a footprint and a handprint stone of Buddha here 
  Sponsor - Maureen Wallace
 47. Yasakaji  Eight Slopes  Amida Nyorai  Buddha of infinite light and life - infinite compassion  Sponsor - Mark Abdou
 48. Sairinji  West Wood Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu  11 headed deity of compassion  Sponsor - Bill Pryor
 49. Jodoji  Heaven (Amida's pure land)  Shaka Nyorai  Historical / original Buddha. Encompassing power, can save humankind  Sponsor - Simone Alexandrino
 50. Hantaji  Extreme  Yakushi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha. Another protective deity inside said to help with passing exams, prosperity in business, warding off misfortune and assuring a good relationship between husband and wife  Sponsor - Kent Cooper
 51. Ishiteji  Stone hand  Yakushi Nyorai Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Elise Wygant
 52. Taisanji  Big mountain  Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu 11 headed deity of compassion  Sponsor - Rachelle Rigby
 53. Enmyoji  Circular illumination  Amida Nyorai  Buddha of infinite light and life - infinite compassion
Disguised carving of Mary here, worshipped by secret Christians in ages past
 Sponsor - Jane San Juan
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