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Place of Nirvana - Temples 66 - 77

Temple Meaning of
Temple Name
Deity Type of Deity Sponsor
66. Unpenji Hovering Clouds Senju Kannon Bosatsu Goddess of mercy and compassion. 1000 arms, can reach out to help you anywhere with anything Sponsor - Michele Madau
 67. Daikoji  Great Growth  Yakushi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Jeffrey Carson
 68. Jinnein  God's Blessing/ Grace  Amida Nyorai  Buddha of infinite light and life - infinite compassion  Sponsor - Berti Joy & Marla Keesee
 69. Kan-onji  Kannon, Goddess of Mercy  Sho Kannon Bosatsu  Goddess of compassion - always has lotus flower  Sponsor - Leslie Huber
 70. Motoyamaji  Principle Mountain / Head Temple  Bato Kannon Bosatsu  Horse-head deity, eats worldly desires of humankind  Sponsor - Dan Frambach
 71. Iyadaniji  Eight Valleys  Senju Kannon Bosatsu  Goddess of mercy and compassion. 1000 arms, can reach out to help you anywhere with anything. This temple associated with miracle cures   Sponsor - Bernadette Vazquez
 72. Mandaraji  Mandala  Dainichi Nyorai  Great Buddha of universal illumination  Sponsor - Alice Cablayan
 73. Shusshakaji  Buddha's apparition  Shaka Nyorai  Historical / original Buddha. Encompassing power, can save humankind  Sponsor - Robert Kulka
 74. Koyamaji  Armour Mountain  Yakushi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Anthony Albright
 75. Zentsuji  Way of Goodness  Yakushi Nyorai Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Gunvor Abrahamsson
 76. Konzoji Golden Treasure  Yaksuhi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Lori Calico-Richan
77. Doryuji Noble Way / Ascending Way Yakushi Nyorai Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Steven Caldwell
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