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Place of Ascetic Training - Temples 34 - 40

Temple Meaning of
Temple Name
Deity Type of Deity Sponsor
 34. Tanemaji  Seed Space  Yakushi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Kimberly
 35. Kiyotakiji  Pure waterfall  Yakushi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha   Sponsors - Dr James Feinburg & Vera Gabliani
 36. Shoryuji  Blue Dragon  Nakiri Fudo Myoo  His vow is to do battle with evil with a powerful mind of compassion and to work for the protection of true happiness  Sponsor - Diana Corbo
 37A. Iwamotoji  Rock’s origin Amida Nyorai  Buddha of infinite light and life - infinite compassion  Sponsor - Lisa Durose
 37B. Iwamotoji  Rock’s origin  Yakushi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Ezra
 37C. Iwamotoji  Rock’s origin  Kanzeon Bosatsu  Compassion and Mercy  Sponsor - Sandy Catford
 37D. Iwamotoji  Rock's origin  Jizo Bosatsu  Guardian to children and pregnant mothers   Sponsor - Kathy O'Donnell
37E. Iwamotoji Rock's origin Fudo Myoo Protection of happiness  Sponsor - Chris Lewis-Smith
 38. Kongofukuji  Good fortune of the diamond, of truth Senju Kannon Bosatsu  Goddess of mercy and compassion. 1000 arms, can reach out to help you anywhere with anything  Sponsor - Lisa Grech
39. Enkoji Long Light Yakushi Nyorai Healing and Medicine Buddha.
Eye washing well here too, claimed to cure eye sickness
 Sponsor - Patrice Gruillon
 & Anita Bloom
 40. Kanjizaiji  Kannon bosatsu named Kanjizai in the Heart sutra  Yakushi Nyorai Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Faryl Kander
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