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88 Temples for Teens and Kids

My presentations for children and teenagers tell the story of my journey focusing on achieving your dreams, living life to the full, allowing your feelings, finding your inner strength and learning lessons from the world around you.

If you, your school or group are interested in hearing Amanda speak, please send an e-mail here to discuss the details.

Testimonial - Scotland

"What I have personally loved the most was Amanda's presentation for the children in P5 & P6 at St. Ronan's primary school. Their teacher afterwards commented that she had never seen the children this quiet: 100% absorbed in Amanda's tale. Why were they so attentive? Perhaps because her message 'You can live your dream' spoke directly to their hearts, and because her unique style of delivery captured their imaginations for some time after the event was over. Numerous parents spoke to me afterwards saying that their children just wouldn't stop talking about Amanda's 88 temple adventure when they came home that night. For me it was beautiful to see some of the children from disempowered backgrounds visibly soak up Amanda's message, perhaps a tiny but powerful seed that may yet change lives?"

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